The Community Mission is coming up!  Please see the insert in this week's bulletin.

The next Public Dinner will be on May 4th. Make sure to dress in your Star Wars memorabilia.

Calling all men:  On May 4th we will be hosting a small breakfast. The Lighthouse Church and our men's group will be gathering and you are invited to join us. Please let Pastor Carl, Dan Moore, or any member of the men's group know. We would love to have you join us!

April 11 - Ladies Aid, 11:30 AM
April 13 - Women's Group, 10 AM
April 15 - Patriot's Day (Office Closed)
May 2 - National Day of Prayer
May 4 - Bean Supper, 4:30 PM
May 9 - Ladies Aid, 11:30 AM
May 11 - Women's Group, 10 AM
May 18 - Church Clean-up Day
May 27 - Memorial Day (Office Closed)

The Men's Group meets every Saturday at 7 AM.

Bible Study every Wednesday at 5 PM before the Vespers service at 6 PM.

The Reason will meet at its usual time on Sunday, 5 - 7 pm, and will be beginning a study of the book of Daniel.  Daniel was probably still an adolescent when he was taken as captive to Babylon and was "trained" to be a servant of the king and a true Babylonian, yet he never wavered in his loyalty to God.  How much is that like being a Christian in our current youth culture?  This should be great!  Doors open a 4 pm for those who want to play games, listen to or make music, or just hang out.

The Seasoned Reason:  We will meet Wednesday for Vespers at 6 pm, followed by a discussion of next week's Gospel at 6:45 in the board room.  All are welcome to join!

Choir Practice is at 6:45 PM on Wednesdays. All are invited to join.